Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowy Twilight

Taken at 24 degrees, our recent ice and snowstorm dipped us to below 11 degrees, and just about halted our town in this balmy valley, usually fed by marine air. Even the coastline had snow right down to the Pacific Ocean's edge. Haystack Rock, just outside of Oregon's Cannon beach even had snow on it!

Kudos to flickr's user: adventursaurus for the absolutely gorgeous shot of Haystack Rock, taken yesterday 12/17/08.

The 2nd image is of the town Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock, is in the back ground.

And the 3rd image, well I am just going to title it: "No Tsunamis, Please."


Anonymous said...

Amazing images, Carol. Loved everything! What an apt name for that rock. Looking forward to your next postings... Deb

Claybritt and The MisFits said...

You know things are starting to show up again on the coast, especially from Washington State, and Cape Disappointment southward toward Seaside Oregon and even farther; a cannon (I think it was last year)washed up, and now some shipwrecks are reportedly rising from the sands (or the sands are washing down) either way the current's actions are moving things around and The Shipwreck Alley, or Graveside, seems to be starting to spew its wooden carcasses up from the depths. Are they gifts? Here, check this out. It is the Cannon Beach Historical Society: