Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dear Deb.... I was very, very, bad today....

But things could have been worse.

We had big rains. I was just trying to get home.

But Nature kept getting in my way,

She just kept throwing herself at me.

What else could I do?

Eveywhere I looked, there she was.

So I just enjoyed her.

Here in Oregon, we don't necessarily dig in our heels for the Winter,

but we do Set the anchor.

Have you been getting in any trouble?


Anonymous said...

Dear Carol ~ You got my attention, over in my sidebar this morning, as I set off to do a little visiting! So, here I am, still having a chuckle at you giving in to Mother Nature - in and out of the Volvo.

I see my Simon's west coast cousins are equally fat and sassy! Is that a starling? (Couldn't quite make it out.)

And all of this has taken me a step closer to posting my rolling sunset series, taken from the confines of "the little red Honda." Hopefully, I fly "under the radar."

Delightful post!!! ~ Deb

Claybritt and The MisFits said...

Actually, It is not a starling, but a big fat crow. I know it is hard to gauge size from a scene with nothing in the background, but as I drove around the corner, there it was, squatting on a tree TOP, causing it to bow to the side. It was an interesting sight, I must say. And it looks as if this has happened more than once already, judging by the angles of other tree tops on this block. It was raining at the time, and I was able to get about 8 shots on my trusty Konica (my glove box camera, not the Nikon that I purposely take out for shoots). This little camera is the one that I keep handy for those "special" moments, like this.
I saw another sight a couple of days ago, a perfect picture, but I had no camera with me, but this is what I saw: a beautiful roof top, fancy weathervane with a gorgeous white egret carved in metal on top, and then next door, another fancy roof, with a crusty old gull standing there, looking around as if posing like the egret, I coulod see the image title in my brain: Egret vs. Regret.....

Have a good day, Deb!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the crow update. Sounds like a perfect shot that got away. I told my mom it's like the old fisherman line, "You should have seen the one that got away"... that's how I'm starting to feel every time I'm sans camera and spot something unique!

Love that title, by the way! ~ Deb