Friday, February 27, 2009

The Goyle File: for GardenJoy4Me

Lone Survivor
I saw this on my way out of work recently. This lone leaf was the only survivor left on the bare tree in the throes of winter; after snow, sleet, rain, ice, wind, and our sometimes drippy fog. The sun actually broke through one single afternoon. So I drove home and came right back with my camera. I swear it is the only time in my life where I have actually returned to work after leaving for the day! But this type of image, I can rarely pass by without capturing it, if possible. And of course, I did good, because the very next day the rain was back and Sun hasn't been seen since. (just kidding we have had Sun on one other occasion) :o)

I recently e-met a new friend of a friend: GardenJoy4Me, through Garden Author, and her great Blog, of which I am a follower, amongst approximately a million other followers.

I was elated to find that not only does Joy (of GardenJoy4me) desire to be part of the SETI program (of which I actually knew some people once associated with it, from back in the NASA days), Joy also has some funny felines like us (probably like everyone whose felines allow human to share their habitat), and Joy has Goyles, too! That's Goyles as in Gargoyles

So I am here to introduce my Goyle to her Goyles:

Full Glory Goyle (say that 6 times quickly in a row)

Goyle (in pose), for his thoughout-the-year-modeling job:

"Fall Goyle"

with 6 legged male friend that lost his legs in a fight for the ladies.

Snow Goyle

Day Snow Goyle

Over Snowed Goyle

Night Goyle

Thinks shes a Goyle...

Thinks she's a sex kitten.

This posting has been brought to you by the Goyle file from Claybritt Images.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Wow ! I am absolutely amazed with your goyle file and you are an inspiration for me to set up my goyle's eye view the same way too !
Thank you so much for the mention here : )
I'm thinking we do "think" alike because the "lone" survivor leaf would be something I would ponder over. And of course SETI .. gives me warm fuzzy feelings ? LOL
I think "they" are already here though .. and are probably quite disgusted with us for the most part ? LOL ... some of us are in their good books though, by odds alone ? : )
Love the pictures .. nice to know another like me : )

GardenJoy4Me said...

P.S. I forgot to mention your furry souls here .. they are beautiful : ) I think my girls would enjoy their company too ?

cindee said...

I had to hop over and check out the goyle(-: What cool pictures(-: I have something not sure what it is. I must take a picture for Joy too(-:

Karen - An Artists Garden said...

What fun
I like Day Snow Goyle :)

Anonymous said...

This was delightful! Truly a "goyle for all seasons!" Love the single leaf and those fabulously furry felines, finagling their way into the files, flaunting their famous faces for folks to fawn over, as they frequent sidebar and posts.

Thanks for the 'GA' mention... a million followers? Hey - how hyperbolical, huh?

Claybritt and The MisFits said...

I love the responses from everyone!

Hi, and thanks for the comments!

Joy, As much as I would hope that our furry felines would have happy & fun times together, you know the feline way....they would probably dismiss each other, and us, too, for attempting to introduce their friendships. In fact they would probably all sit in opposing corners staring at each other with yellow eyes, until lunch or dinnertime when they would fall into a line (by their own choosing of status, of course). Having said (typed) that, I would like to add that perhaps we might entice Deb and her felines (Lucy Maude would be outnumbered on this one, sorry Lucy Maude) to get together with us; if we were to ever get these felines in the same room. Can you imagine all the feline posturing, and then the "fur fly" that might ensue? Of course, they might all just fall asleep in one big catheep. One never knows.

Cindee, If you post a picture of your goyle or whatever it turns out to be, I hope to get a chance to see it.

Karen, Thanks for the comment, and I will be visiting your blog too. (added later- Ok! I have been to your beautiful blog, how to follow?) I also sell at under the name wiresNpliers and MisFits, among a couple of other shops that are not opened yet. Nice to meet you!

GA- I feel I must fill you in on my fledgling history with blogging. I fear that I might fail in my attempts to fulfill my response obligations since I have such a tenuous foothold of these forums and such. Perhaps I might even flounder and falter, resulting in a fall into the fodder, perhaps sinking all the way to the flatfish's foundation.
However, my future in the fineries of florals and faunas is up to par (more or less) with you and your friends and family, so even if I appear to be on the fence, know that I may just be feverishly attempting to keep up with you and your fine followers. I promise to try to stop my flailing and try to fully fuse all of my future entries into a fundamental form, furthermore continuing to respond to the comments from my forays in the Volvo and such.

I like you all, and feel warmed at the thought of being visited (and included) by such famous fora-folk-friendly, festive garden freaks (I am running low on "f's" so I feel the need to fill my fedora with new ideas at a furious rate, lest I get lost in the foray of comments and responses).
I fear my brain is turning into fungi, so I shall finish my feeble attempt at this finite post.

Have a great week everyone and thanks so much for the wonderful response to the Volvo Tours and the Goyle files.
I am sure I will have more to come in the future, as my brain never lets me rest for very long.

Shady Gardener said...

Hello! I could say from "another one of the goyles," but that would be a lie... I don't have any gargoyles. But I DO have plenty of spiders! ;-) I get a little "buggy" sometimes, so that photo made me smile! (I'm a member of the Deb Fan Club, too.)

Claybritt and The MisFits said...

Hi Shady Gardener,
You may not have any Goyles, but you DO have hostas! I got my first hosta in Los Angeles (of all places) back in the (shhhh)70's. Oh that sounds so long ago...
That was before I knew just how many varieties of hosta actually exist.
And Spiders? Well, they put you in the Goyle file, on their own. One would think that lifesized statues of spiders would insure that pests were non-existant in any garden they were in. I am a spider lover, long as they stay on their turf, and not on mine. For example, I always notice that the running spiders that move around the inside of a house ALWAYS end up directly above my head in bed; then, by the time I have grabbed my sock, balled it up to throw it at the spider, I look up and the spider will always be in too soon to run across the ceiling... so I know that it has fallen/jumped off, and landed either on my head or near my face, which means I will certainly feel it all night long whether it is actually there or not. Spiders are good.
Thanks for the comment!