Sunday, March 22, 2009

The World Awakens

Sneaking Out For The Newspaper

Yesterday morning we took a quick drive to get a newspaper. You know the type of drive, its the one that happens in the early morning when you think everyone else is still at home asleep. It's when the sweat pants that are too short for the uneven tube socks and slip on turquoise mocs, are actually worn in public for just a few moments, because more than likely the chance of running into anyone I might know is at the lowest point. It is also the time of day when I am wearing the holey sweat shirt that should now be in the hamper; and my hair resembles plumage as opposed to bed head. Both of us, my daughter and I, were a sight hopefully not seen.

And yet, I completely forgot about cowering behind the wheel, watching for anyone that might look vaguely familiar, the moment I became acutely aware that things were changing outside the safety zone of 'my own little world' inside my car.

It was as I was driving down the street that I started to notice that there was more growing on some of the trees than the regular winter moss and green algae-type stuff that collects on the wet damp branches when the leaves are absent.
I was beginning to see whitish pink! All over.

Now, the daffs have been out for some time, as have those regular early bloomers that can fool us into thinking that winter is past, sometimes to be fooled themselves. I have learned that daffodils, snow bells, and crocus, just mean the Spring arrival is imminent, not that it has officially arrived.

But right on schedule, the plum blossoms were opening after days of rain and followed by a bit of sunshine.

It was a beautiful trip, and I never even noticed whether or not I was seen by anyone.
Who would have known that all of this was just right there, at the local Car Wash, just waiting to be seen by me and my car cam.
Another Volvo mini tour brought directly to you from the 5 min of sunshine we experienced yesterday.

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