Friday, October 24, 2008

Found 'em! We're pretty sure we know what they are now....

Ok I think we have some answers: Stink bugs

Pentadamids or better known as: Hemiptera(true bug)>sub order-Heteroptera>Pentatomidae family(Stink Bugs) AKA pentadomids

This one is the green stink bug: genus: Acrosternum hilare

This one is the two spotted stink bug: Perillus Bioculatus

These are freshly hatched pentadomids
The murgantia genus(harlequins or halloween bug) also look similar

Murgantia eggs

The true bug has the segmented antennae which is clearly visible on my bugs. And the pentatomidae (stinks) penta=5 - have 5 segments in their antennae.
Even though the color and patterns are different they are yet the same style.
I am looking at the genus Podisus right now, only their eggs seem to be frilly edged, but still in cylinders with little lids. (see the two images below)

This Podisus has a pair of mating fireflies in tow. The author felt that the stink bug had its proboscis in one of the fireflies and the other just went right along with it. Sheesh!

I am going to stop here, because I am pretty sure that this is what we have. Besides, I getting goosebumps and these are creepy. Many of the genus are really nasty looking; not all shiny and colorful. Some are big and look like bark. I found images of them eating things that are 100 times their size and 1/10 their size, even eating flowers. I find spiders to be much a bizarre macabe way. At least they pierce the skin and back off or wrap up...these guys stab, then seem to just sit there and siphon their prey... with long snout/straws.
Pentatomids produce odors from thoracic glands for self-defense.
One thing is certain, in the bug world they are Bad Dudes.

Oh my! I am so glad I am as big as I am tall. I wouldn't want to be ladybug sized. We should all recognize our true positions in this world. If we were to observe the insect world for just one day, we would probably stop our rabbling and infighting amongst ourselves. We would have many other important things on our minds.

♦I would like to give thanks to the Bug Guide for these great images and tons of information, and I will be sure to bookmark their site for fufure reference.

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GardenAuthor said...

Congratulations - on your new blog, identifying the stink bug and the new photography you've posted in the sidebar. Love that nos(e)y neighbor series. I'll be looking forward to your postings ~ Deb