Monday, October 20, 2008

A New Morning's Fresh and Clean Web.

Click on pics to see the sticky droplets on her web...if you can handle a spider this close.
Don't you want to just reach out and give her a little butt scratch, like you would do to a dog's head?
These images were captured September 15th, 2008. These babes are only medium in size. If they were lucky enough to have been hatched early this year, they may molt one more time before freezing (or wintering over) and become huge spiders. I will keep watch over them, since they are in my own backyard, and won't be going anywhere soon, unless it is in a Jay's beak, or if attacked from behind by a hornet; as they are now large enough to fend for themselves, against others of their own species. I have seen no lynx spiders and they are pretty high on the spruce trees for the comb foots (theridion) to be a problem, so I don't think they pose any threat to the Araneas living here on this particular tree.

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